Electric Stove Repair

Electric Stove Repair and Troubleshooting Tips

There are several things that can go wrong with an electric stove to cause burners to malfunction.  The troubleshooting section of the owner’s manual addresses common problems and offers simple solutions.  Call a qualified stove repair expert if further assistance is required.

Burner fails to heat

  • Defective burner
  • Damaged burner receptacle – check the receptacle and element plug ends for charring or pitting
  • Broken infinite switch can also cause the burner to only go to high

Keeping the stove top clean and free from food debris and grease is the best form of preventative maintenance.  Dirty burners can short out, fail or just work inefficiently.  Grease and food debris on the burners will cause odor, smoking and could lead to a fire.

Call a qualified stove repair technician for service.

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