Riverview Residents say Appliance Parts Today Provides Superior Customer Service

Act of kindness cools things down for happy customer who is happy to have air conditioning unit working again


  Area homeowners are happy with their local appliance parts store that serves do-it-yourself homeowners. Their friendly staff is dedicated to providing superior customer service complete with technical advice to DIY homeowners who need help replacing broken appliance parts.

Appliance Parts Today has been in business since 2003 providing appliance parts and accessories to homeowners and local service providers. The store carries a large line of replacement parts for all major brands of home appliances. If they do not have a part in stock, they can normally get it within a few days.

Homeowners enjoy the convenience of a local appliance parts store (http://www.partshousetampa.com/) that sells to the public. One local resident expressed his appreciation when he posted the following testimonial to the friendly staff who worked overtime to serve his needs:

“Now, wanted to make sure to thank the good guys at Appliance Parts Today for staying open just a little past closing for me. It’s Saturday, and the places I used to go to for parts no longer sell to the public. I got home, and started calling before it got any later, and found Appliance Parts Today after much searching, and they had the part, and sold to the public, and the helpful people waited an extra 5 minutes after closing for me to get there. Thanks to their act of kindness, I'll have air conditioning again this weekend, and don't have to wait for Monday or pay out the nose for a service tech to do a 5 minute replacement. As per the contactor for the a/c unit, it was actually $2 cheaper than buying from the wholesaler I used to purchase from, so win/win. I bought 2 so I'd have a spare just in case.”

Customers can call the Riverview appliance parts store and speak to a customer service specialist to see if the parts they need are in stock. Appliance Parts Today carries major appliance parts for home appliances and central air conditioning units.

Consumers are encouraged to visit Appliance Parts Today for superior customer service and technical advice from a friendly, professional staff. Visit http://www.appliancepartsriverview.com/ to learn more.

About Appliance Parts Today:
Appliance Parts Today opened in March of 2003 to provide area residents and local service technicians a large line of replacement parts for home appliances and air conditioning units. Customers can call the store to place their order and normally pick up their appliance parts the same day. Appliance Parts Today also carries a full line of Goodman air conditioning parts. The company is happy to serve do-it-yourself homeowners, providing technical advice when needed.

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